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You’re here because you’re searching for a spectacularly good automotive copywriter, amiright?


Awesome. You’re on the right site.


Hey, I’m James.


And I’ll tell you what I’m not.


I’m not a copywriter with a bit of experience in the automotive industry.


Or a car-guy who is pretty good with words.


After 15 years as a professional automotive writer.


And a lifetime experiencing cars and the automotive industry as an enthusiast, designer, engineer, reviewer, interviewer, fixer and marketer.


I’m a kick-ass automotive copywriter.


But… getting back to YOU.


Lemme explain how I fit into your world.


Here goes.


You’re at an advertising, marketing or communications agency, and you have a car brand or automotive product or service in your portfolio.


Or maybe you work for a car or automotive brand.


Either way, there’s a lot at stake.


The words need to be freaking incredible.


Space-filling, average copy from a junior staffer or freelance copywriting generalist won’t cut it.


A specialist automotive copywriter with extensive industry experience is much, much better (as well as way better value.)


Yup, you name it, I’ve written about it.


From practical lifestyle vehicles for active, adventurous families, for example.


To achingly desirable classic collector cars.


And from the exclusive offerings of a bespoke luxury marque.


To the self-driving, lithium-ion battery-powered mobility solutions of tomorrow.


I write across marketing medium and channels.


These include edge-of-your-seat EDM sequences with headings designed to skyrocket open-rate and content that makes customers act, like, NOW.


Punchy print and digital ads.


Knock-your-socks-off website, flyer and brochure copy.


Google and Facebook Ad copy that sells the click.


Executive speeches with gravitas.


Factual, clean and concise press releases and media kits.


And informative, easy-to-read long-form content with hook-you-in headings and snippets scientifically formulated to stand out on SERPs.


Still scrolling?




A couple more things.


You might be wondering…


How can I be sure I’m selecting an A-grade automotive copywriter?


(AKA ‘how do I know you’re any good?’)


That’s a GREAT question.


(Erm… you wrote it, James. Aaand now you’re talking to yourself.)


Maybe you’re wondering whether the automotive copywriter you engage should be a spelling and grammar freak.


Not so much.


Precisely the right words put together with perfect grammar are musts when it comes to communicating your message.


But these are not the true skills of a spectacular copywriter.


Superb spelling and grammar are the really easy part, as well as being friendly, reliable and hitting every deadline.


And, ultimately, working like a mega high-value extension of your agency or company.


A truly effing GREAT automotive copywriter will do all of the above, and have sparkling creative writing skills that can be tailored to a niche and channel.


I do these things in my sleep, okay?


Gimme your brief and I’ll run through walls.


But… a BRILLIANT copywriter will have two more weapons in their arsenal.


Are you ready for the biggie?


They’ll have a sixth sense when it comes to commercially focused thinking.


You see, the number one talent in a world-class copywriter is the ability to understand the unique SOLUTION that your business, product or service provides, to solve your ideal customer’s BURNING PROBLEM.


Then, they will use the right words to grab the attention of those customers, and deliver your message in an engaging, memorable and motivating way.


The second weapon in an awesome automotive copywriter in 2021 is a broad understanding of today’s marketing channels.


Academic types call us ‘T-shaped marketers’.


Online gurus call us ‘growth-hackers’, which makes us sound like machete-wielding guerrillas…


But we cut through in a crowded market using keyboards and adverbs, not knives.


Not only can an exceptional copywriter tailor their tone to brands and channels they’ll have actual business-building experience from the front lines of email marketing, web development and Google campaigns.


So they just get it.


You want a highly skilled automotive copywriter that understands where they fit in when it comes to SMASHING your goals.


And, hey, that’s me.


Not quite convinced?


Sheesh, tough crowd.


No, that’s fair enough, actually.


May I show you a selection of my clients?

Get a quote for your copywriting requirements or just get in touch for a chat
“James, you’ve outdone yourself. You absolutely nailed it. It’s always great when you give a writer a brief and they deliver as discussed. Doesn’t happen as often as you might think.” – Luke West, Speedier Media

I’ve been a full-time, professional automotive writer for 15 years. Here’s how I got here…

James Whitbourn

Automotive Copywriter

I honed my creative writing craft on staff at Australia’s leading car magazine Wheels over the best part of a decade, where I was road-test editor until 2012, before throwing open the doors as an independent professional writer.


In a previous career, I was an automotive design engineer, where I made my mark writing everything from quality assurance documents, to product manuals and web and marketing copy (oh, yeah!). This, in turn, led me into the glossy world of monthly motoring magazines.


Since earlier this decade I’ve built on my background producing content such as car reviews and motoring features, with a rapidly growing portfolio of advertising, marketing and communications copywriting clients.


And I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get stuck into your next copywriting project.

“James is a great guy with a broad understanding of the automotive world. He has that rare ability to mix tech and business with colourful storytelling. He always nails deadlines and I’m more than happy to recommend him.” – Robin Austin, austinmedia.com.au

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Understanding your unique offering & ideal customer0

Experienced with traditional & digital channels0

“You have written a quasi-technical ad with personality! Not easily done. I like your work.” – Chris Newton, resultscorporation.com.au